We started a Flyers podcast (for real)

You can listen to the debut episode here

For some reason everyone thinks to seem we've been joking about this happening, but I assure you we are not. The Flyers are the best team in Philadelphia and there has been an uproar from the city regarding lack of coverage from the mainstream outlets. Thus, here we are, to carry the weight of the city on our shoulders.

Have we had some fun at Flyers' fans' expense at times? Never. Have we always said that the 2019-20 Flyers had a higher ceiling than the Sixers? Absolutely. So here we are to now bring you the official Flyers talk that you so desperately crave.

All joking aside, this is for real. We will likely do bi-monthly episodes, with the first few bringing on knowledgeable guests to simply explain how the Flyers even got to this point, and then once the playoffs hit, really breaking down the games and more specific and time sensitive material and topics.

This will NOT impact our Sixers coverage whatsoever. We built our foundation on basketball and will continue to do AT LEAST an episode a week, with that number ramping up as well come the playoffs, likely covering every game or breaking down two games per episode maximum.

You may find yourself asking: will Potables eventually cover the other Philadelphia teams such as the Eagles, Philies, Union, Wings, or the WNBA and XFL teams we crave so badly? The answer is possibly, eventually, maybe, we don't know. We don't want to spread ourselves too thin and dilute the incredible elite coverage we currently bring you of the inevitable world champion Sixers and now Flyers, but we do look forward to continuing to grow this jawn.

So cheers to the newest branch of the Podcast Potables Network - Pucks & Potables! We hope you enjoy the pilot episode!

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