Reflecting on an entire year of beer, ball, and buzzed nonsense.

“Some would have us go out and buy apples. But we want to build the whole orchard…and you don’t get to the moon by climbing a tree.” – Sam Hinkie

Process Potables- The Philadelphia sports & Beer Podcast

Process Potables wasn’t even my idea initially.

I’d love to say it was, but it was our original co-host Frank Blough.

Frank, I hope you get to read this, and I hope she said yes!

I asked Frank to come back for the One Year Pod, but he had bigger plans, which will hopefully have happened successfully by the time this goes up. Frank wanted to do a Sixers podcast and I was in a tough spot at that point of my life, and I told him exactly this: I will do it when I’m able to give it the proper attention, and once I am, believe me, it will go forward full force. I try to not take part in things I can’t give my full attention to, as many will know from the fact that I have not played in bands for several years now. It’s too much with all I have on my plate, and I won’t just do it for the sake of doing it. It would bring me no joy.

Process Potables has brought me joy beyond my wildest dreams and it’s only been a year, and we’re still a relatively small endeavor on everyone’s radar. Still, I truly couldn’t be happier with where we are. Mike Scott has listened to this podcast and shared it on his social media accounts. As many things in Sixers fandom are anymore, it’s equally as weird as it is enjoyable. I guerrilla style interviewed people at the #MikeScottHive tailgate, which no one seemed to mind, or find weird at all.

We broadcasted from the Wells Fargo Center parking lot for the home opener, did a 5 hour live draft party at Victory Brewing, have covered Delaware Blue Coats games at both the 76ers Fieldhouse in Delaware and from the Wells Fargo Center itself, and done a dozen awesome interviews with owners of breweries throughout the Delaware Valley on location. That’s all without even mentioning all the fantastic beers we’ve had!

There are many people to thank for our successful first year.

Frank, first and foremost, for even having the idea. Life got as busy and hectic for Frank as it was for me when I was putting off doing this podcast, but Frank, you’re welcome back anytime, as often as you want.

My best friend and current main co-host Steve, for as usual, jumping in when I needed you most and helping me keep this thing afloat. You like to say you don’t do much of the work, but being the crutch that I lean on is a ton, and it’s appreciated.

My wife Nancy, for continuing to put up with the extracurricular endeavors I put on our collective plates, and not only allowing me to and supporting me, but actively helping every chance you get.

Korey, who same as Steve, jumped at the opportunity to help me with something I quickly got in over my head. This time not as a replacement bass player, but as our engineer and comic relief. It makes this much more enjoyable doing it with my two best friends.

Jason, Brian, Dave, Bryant, and a lot of people from The Painted Lines: I tried to make it very clear when I left that I really appreciated the support and opportunities provided in my time there, and that still stands. You guys had little reason to believe in me but empowered me with a lot very quickly. It hasn’t gone forgotten and won’t be going forward. TPL also led me to two of my favorite recurring guests…

Ty and Eric – you guys have been awesome coming on the pod several times each, often when I’m scrambling and with little to no advance notice. Ty, not only do I bounce a ton of ideas off you, but we have built such a great chemistry on the mic, and that video man…still can’t believe how great it turned out! Eric, you basically did the entire 5+ hour gauntlet with me at Victory, as well as the home opener pod and others. I’m still waiting for my invite on 2P&aP, but that’s okay. Appreciate you always coming on and bringing great insight and content (and complimenting me on my preparation all the time).

Brandon and Erica – Yes, you’ve both appeared on the pod (though Brandon keeps ducking his return), but it’s all the behind the scenes support, advice, and mostly just shit talking that often keeps me sane and balanced. Brandon, I like the we’re brutally honest regarding tone, pacing, delivery, and all the more technical aspects of each other as hosts, and I think it makes us both better every episode. Erica, you helped us jump right out of the gates with our design work and most of our shirt designs thus far, but it pales in comparison to the emotional support and just overall friendship that we’ve all developed.

Kyle – Since we first spoke, you’ve taken me under your wing and immediately fully immersed me into the Underground Sports Philadelphia family. Since joining we’ve talked about insane long-term goals and are already taking several steps toward them. I appreciate you having the same focus and attention to detail I try to have. Even when I lose sight of it, you often pull me back on the path. I can’t wait for all we can accomplish moving forward. I wouldn’t have likely had the confidence to invest in this site without knowing I have you and USP behind me.

Paul – I hope the review I wrote was satisfactory to you, but I tried to keep it professional and serious. T

his is the personal one. We’ve known each other for a while now through very random and weird endeavors, but you really had no reason to do this all for me with the passion, precision, and effort you did it with other than you’re just that awesome of a dude. I don’t take it lightly at all, and I am sending every SOB your way once they see this and want something similar. Just make sure it’s just a tad less cool than mine, deal? Seriously man, I’m so happy you’re back in NJ and I hope somehow in some way I can repay you for all you’ve already done for me.

I’m sure there’s many people I forgot, but I think this is already longer than Paul wanted it to be (sorry Paul).

Obviously, anyone who’s been a guest, all the breweries who have welcomed us in, our social media followers, our subscribers, everyone. We aren’t big names, we aren’t social media personalities, we’re just dudes who love beer and the Sixers and want to try and entertain and inform a little bit the best we can. It’s been fun. It will continue to be. So, let’s have a drink, and here’s to 2020.


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