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Powerbombs and Potables – recapping the week that was in professional wrestling television hosted by Korey Ottmuller! WWE, AEW, IMPACT, ROH and much more. The good, the bad, and all the gimmicks! No one knows wrestling like Powerbombs and Potables!

Korey Ottmuller - Host


Korey has been a fan of professional wrestling since Shawn threw Marty through the Barber Shop window. He may have had C's in school, but he can tell you what happened in wrestling last Monday night or Monday of 1998. He's stayed with the product through the New Generation, The Monday Night Wars, and even the unforgivable PG era. He has a very detailed and realistic outlook on story lines and isn't afraid to speak his mind on what works and what doesn't. Korey has a Bachelors Degree from Rowan University in Radio, Television & Film and has been a radio host of his own show "The Record Hop" since 2010.


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