About us

Pucks and Potables – an NHL podcast mainly focused on the Philadelphia Flyers, but also talking all things hockey! Episodes are often on location at breweries and feature interviews with people in either the craft beer industry or those who cover the Flyers.

Mason Ingling - Host

Mason is a South Jersey native and the drummer of the band In The Presence of Wolves. He’s an avid Flyers fan and big into craft beer. He was at game 3 of the Flyers/Capitals Stanley Cup Playoffs game in 2016 and DID NOT throw his wristband onto the ice.

Mike DeMaria - Cohost

Mike is the guitarist for the Philly death metal band Alustrium, former Red Guard in Galactic Empire, and an all around okay-at-best human being. Mike is an avid music and video game addict with an unhealthy pride in his identity as a Gritty cultist.


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